August {yarnalong}

It’s been pretty quiet on this blog but I did remember that it is time for Ginny’s monthly yarnalong. So yay, think I’ll join in.

I finished The Road Back To You by Ian Morgan Cron on Audible. It is such a great book and I think I’ve finally found my enneagram number. I liked this book because it is a very nice breakdown of the numbers strengths, weaknesses and things that will help us to grow and meet the challenges of our types. Thumbs up for sure.

I just started When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself by Steve Corbett and and Brian Fikkert

Admittedly I’m in a bit of a knitting funk lately but I have managed a few rows on a pair of Vanilla Socks for a friend every other day or so.

I did commit to a test knit for Sally Jane Cameron who is @Pinkhairgirlknits on Instagram so hopefully this will help shake me out of my knitty groovlessness.

We. Will. See.

I’m kinda done with Summer. Ready for the school schedule and all that comes with. I think the kids are ready too. It does sometimes feel strange to not be a homeschool family. Good and strange at the same time. It was a big deal to change things up but it was right. I know that.

I say we’ll reassess every year but I am still not ready to homeschool again, not yet. It is funny to think and feel this way about homeschool now because I used to think and feel the same way about putting kids in school. Just so very hesitant. And fearful for sure. But yeah, there was nothing to fear. It’s been tough and different but God has been faithful and carried us through.

Truth is, if I felt Father lead us- my feelings wouldn’t matter so much, I’d do it and watch the miraculous and the growth happen as my feet hit the water. I’m just tired still lol.

I find myself praying that I will be willing to be willing to do as Father leads and praying that we’ll know if there is ever to be another change. Think that’s it for me for this post. Peace out 😉

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